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  • The Visual Studio Launcher has been misbehaving on my system since I installed in error then uninstalled VCE 2008. The exact progression of VS versions on this relatively recent Win7 x64 system is this:

    1. VS2010 Beta 2 installed
    2. VS2010 RC installed
    3. VS2010 RC uninstalled
    4. VC++ Express 2010 installed (at which point things were working fine)
    5. VC++ Express 2008 installed
    6. VC++ Express 2008 uninstalled

    If I now try to open a 2005 SLN from Explorer (Format Version 9.00 / # Visual C++ Express 2005), the Launcher searches the registry for these products:

    1. VCE8
    2. VS8
    3. VS10 (has registry entries but no longer installed)
    4. VS10 again
    5. VS9 (has registry entries even though never installed)
    6. <Silent exit>

    And if I try to open a 2008 SLN (Format Version 10.00 / # Visual C++ Express 2008):

    1. VCE9
    2. VS9
    3. VS10
    4. VS10 again
    5. <Silent exit>

    But if I try to open a 2010 SLN (Format Version 11.00 / # Visual Studio 2010) it's a very different story:

    1. VS10
    2. VPDExpress 10
    3. Rascal 10
    4. VSTA 10
    5. VWDExpress 10
    6. VCExpress 10 (Success! This is the only Visual Studio product I have installed.)
    7. VCSExpress 10
    8. VBExpress 10
    9. <repeat entire cycle>
    10. VS10 a third time

    This time the window appears as intended, though as you might expect from the dual registry searches VC++ Express is listed twice (once as Visual C++ Express 2010, then again as Visual C++ Express 10). Either option leads to the solution being opened correctly.

    My question, after all that, is whether there's a way to revert the Launcher back to its behaviour from before I installed 2008, i.e. opening any SLN in VC++ Express 2010 immediately? I've repaired my 2010 install but it's had no effect.

    Thursday, May 27, 2010 9:24 PM


  • Hi Artfunkel,

    Thank you for your post.

    For your concern, we should firstly know what is happening when we double-click on an .SLN file.
    Here is a helpful blog that show how Visual Studio IDE recognize and open the solution file and project:

    The solution file will be opened by "Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector" by default. When you open a VS related file, the Version Selector first checks which version of VS the file requires, and then loads the right version of VS.

    If you want to open one solution file via the version of Visual Studio you want, you could open your .sln file in Notepad and change the content as mentioned in the link.
    Or you can launch VS IDE and open the solution via File >> Open >> Project/Solution.

    How do you know the VSLauncher searches the registry in the above order?

    I'm not quite sure whether there is a way to revert the VSLauncher back. You can remove all Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 products to start from scratch and install Visual Studio 2008 >> Visual Studio 2010 products in order.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,
    Yichun Chen
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