how to define drop folder location for maven build file


  • Hi

    i am working in TFS for few of java projects.

    i have installed TEE plugin and can create maven build definition from there as well,

    but my TFS build are not followed by my specified build drop floder location

    i have following folder srtucture for my J2ee project -


          |- POM (aggregator)

          |- <folder-B>

                   |- POM (Ear)

                   |- <folder-C>

                             |- POM (War)

                             |- <folder-D>

    i have given path as \\<Server-name>\shared-folder but tfs used to create sub folders in this mentioned folder as

    <script-name>_<yyyymmdd>.<run-frequency> inside this

    <logs> and <maven-output> inside this

    <folder-A> inside this <target> and <folder-B>, inside taget folder i am getting my final ear with application.xml and rest of war and putten in <folder-B> followed by thier stuff

    My basic question is how i can get only one taget folder with my specified name and one ear build file only, as in case of normal maven build cases without TFS.

    My second question is my TFS is also producing ear file in maven local repository as well. This is inside maven installaton directory in TFS server. This folder is of name like  <project-name>-<ear> inside this <folder-B> then inside <1> and then EAR file 



    Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:03 PM