Why I got error--Profile Monitor does not appear to be running. ?


  • Hi there,

    I used the code coverage command to collect coverage for a windows service as below:

    1.  Instrument assemblies:(I instrumented all .dll and .exe)        vsinstr.exe -coverage <compiled filename>.exe
    2. Start collection:     vsperfcmd.exe -start:coverage -output:testcoverate.coverage
    3. Install the service:    installutil.exe <compiled filename>.exe
    4. Start the service and do some testing
    5. Stop and uninstall the service
    6. Stop collector:   VSPerfCmd.exe –shutdown

    But in testcoverate.coverage, there only contains the result for .exe assembly, but others.

    I did the steps as above and have successfully got all results, but now it wo't work and got error when starting the service:

    Profile Monitor does not appear to be running.

    Can you help?



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