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  • Created a boilerplate ASP.NET Core AppService API from VS template with one method GetValues(). 

    GetValues() does a Thread.Sleep(5000) and then returns a random number with a timestamp.

    Added App Insights to Project as in this link and then published to Azure: 


    In Azure Portal

    - Enabled "Always On" and "Profiling" as in this link: 


    - In WebJobs started the ApplicationInsightsProfiler job


    Sent a few requests to the endpoint from Browser: https://<site>/api/values

    Got response in Browser with usual delay from Thread.Sleep.

    Now I went to Profiler Traces and expected to see a call tree where the GetValues method should show up as the bottleneck as in the tutorial: 


    First try - no button visible named "Profiler Traces" under operation "GET Values/Get". Only button visible is "Samples".

    Repeated again all steps from Requests onwards. After several tries, a Profiler button appears only on operation "GET " that gives 404.

    Clicking that button takes me to a blade that does show call tree. But ... only for System dlls, none of my modules listed.

    Have been sctrating my head since past one day - How do I get the trace for "GET Values/Get" Microsoft for all the requests that I have sent?

    Friday, August 30, 2019 6:36 PM

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  • Hi montoch,

    Azure Application Insights Profiler collects profiling data for two minutes each hour. It also collects data when you select the Profile Now button in the Configure Application Insights Profiler pane. But the profiling data is uploaded only when it can be attached to a request that happened while Profiler was running.

    Please look through the documentation for troubleshoot problems enables or viewing Application Insights Profiler.

    Tried to reproduce the scenario you have listed above , however had to manually run the profiler using the below steps to get the profile trace. 

    Click on "Configure Profiler" with in Performance blade of Application Insights. 

    Click on "Profile now" to create a profile and start invoking web request to your application. 

    Once you have the traces collected, you should be able to view the traces from the performance blade view. 

    Hope the above information is what being expected for the scenario you have listed. However if the issue still persist please create a support ticket or you can send an email directly to serviceprofilerhelp@microsoft.com and include the correlation id which would show up in the Azure portal if there is an issue loading the trace. 

    Please revert back if none of the above has helped you to resolve the issue. Thanks 

    Thursday, September 5, 2019 1:08 AM