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    I have an active, legacy website built with Frontpage 2000, where I use an Access 2000 database, for which Frontpage's "wizard" has created many classic .asp pages to update the existing  32-bit Access 2000 database . I will be replacing (ultimately) the Frontage-built website with a VS/asp.net-built website, but am just starting to learn VS/ASP.net, and still need to resolve the following issue within the existing classic .asp pages of the FP website:

    I have created a very large query in the access database that is getting too big (too many fields to update within one .asp page..as the query is starting to exceed Access's apparent query field (column) limit of 255 fields, and Frontage's .asp wizard is also "caving in" when too many fields are being updated within one .asp page)

    To accommodate more fields, I will have to break up this large and growing query into 2-3 separate queries (I was hoping to be able to update and display over 350-400 fields from the one query on a single .asp page, but I think I would have to jump to MySQL express with VS/ASP.NET to accomplish that, and I don't want my tiny brain to explode by attempting all of that right now ).

    However, I should have thought of breaking up this query into separate queries a long time ago.

    If I use 3-4 separate .asp pages (each page updating a different query for the same record), I currently only know how to have each page opened separately with the typical form at the top and enter the code for a specific field contained in the form results.

    Is there a way that I can have the submission of the first .asp form (or a create a link within the .asp form with  a hyperlink parameter) update the fields, and then it automatically opens the next .asp form in the chain for the same record (instead of having to keep entering the code at the top for each .asp form for the same record?)

    Can I set up a hyperlink with parameters(s) that accomplishes that? I have already created links in .asp "database result pages" pages, where a hyperlink will take the user to the appropriate page, but the parameter settings of these hyperlinks are only set take the user to a specific .htm page, not another .asp page for the same record.

    For example, the following is a hyperlink parameter on an .asp page where "HypeName " is the field that takes the user (in this case) to an .htm page with the same name as the HypeName:
    http://www.MyWebsite.com/Folder/Page Name/ .htm

    Can the same type of hyperlink parameter take the user to an .asp page instead, where the criteria for opening the linked .asp page is the field that contains the client's code within the same query contained in the first .asp pa "results page (where "HypeName" also resides.)

    I am also hosting a Sample Frontpage2000 website, which is being used solely for the purpose of showing and discussing samples of forms I have created in the current, active FP website, so that (hopefully) it will make transitioning over to VS/ASP.net easier with regards to forum questions and discussions.

    Will it help answer this question if I can show you what I mean on the sample FP Website?
    When I start in with VS/ASP.net, I will first be using an Access 2018 (64-bit) database...but one step at a time.

    I had also built and hosted a website in ExpressionWeb a few years ago, but I never attempted to recreate the same database and form functionality, as I have been able to maintain that separately with the active FP website. However, as the hosting of my  FP website is not an issue (for now) with my host company, I am buying myself some time to learn VS/ASP.net ultimately, to make the full "switchover" to VS/ASP.net and finally get away from Windows XP Pro/Virtual XP.

    I need to make the move over VS/ASP.net asp.net as quickly as possible, but I need to develop a few more pages in my existing FP web first. Can you help me with this particular issue?

    Thanks, Ron

    Wednesday, January 31, 2018 11:19 PM

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    Hi gcqji,

    Why do you want to query so much field at the same time. It is recommended to post this issue to asp.net where you may get more ideas about how to achieve your requirement:

    We may help you fix the IIS related classic asp issue.

    Best Regards,

    Yuk Ding

    Thursday, February 1, 2018 7:27 AM
  • User-1211567575 posted

    Yuk Ding:

    Actually, I think I have confused the question, as the size of the query is no longer relevant. The important question is how to change or provide a hyperlink parameter in a link that is present in an .asp (classic) page that will enable the user to wind up at another .asp page ,where it automatically opens to the same record (where there is no need to re-enter a code to open the 2nd .asp page).

    I think I may have to wait until my sample website is up and running, so that I can show you a sample of what I am talking about...??

    The asp.net forum did not allow my question, as they said it did not belong within asp.net. They suggested the classic .asp forum to help me with this...that's why I am here asking you.

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate an active, FrontPage-related forum that I can turn to help with my still-very-active, and productive FP website issue, which I want to resolve now, as I have to go through the learning curve of transitioning over to asp.net and VS.

    Can you help?

    Thursday, February 1, 2018 1:09 PM