Connect VS 2008 to TFS 2012


  • Hello!

    I have been trying to connect my VS 2008 up to an existing TFS 2012 project (we're using BIDS so I just need to get this old version working, sadness).

    I have followed the numerous suggestions to Install the SP, GDR, and Team Explorer in the correct order, and then to reinstall them again afterwards so that it will actually work.  Unfortunately it doesn't do anything.

    When I input the connection URL as https://SERVERNAME:PORT/tfs/PROJECTCOLLECTION it asks me for credentials which I then provide and it gives me the following error:

    TF31002s: Unable to connect to this TFS.

    I know that it is touching the server because if I change it to a non valid password it tells me that it is wrong, and if I change the URL then it doesn't ask for credentials.

    Any suggestions? I could really use your help!

    Thursday, March 07, 2013 7:02 PM


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