For Test impact analysis i am able to get Test Impact file generated but i always get 2 Test error files generated along with that.Can any one has idea how to solve it..


  • Here is the steps i have

    1) i have local client asnd one webserver added as roles.I got testimpact file after i am done with executing my test but i got 2 additonal files with warning .

    In warning error is like this "No Microsoft .NET applications were launched during the test run. Launch applications from Explorer or a new command prompt after a test case has started. If no .NET application is being tested, disable the Test Impact and IntelliTrace diagnostic data adapters".. and other error is "An error occurred while installing and starting the HTTP proxy used to associate tests with web requests. PRXY0022: When registering the proxy, another instance of the proxy was detected at end point ''. Multiple instances of this proxy are not allowed for the same user on the same computer. (To override this behavior, use the 'AllowMultipleProxies' configuration option"

    How to get rid of this issue.

    Friday, October 14, 2011 5:35 PM