FAQ: 2.2 How do I call .NET assembly from native Visual C++?


  • There are basically four methods to call .NET assembly from native VC++ code. Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has working examples that demonstrate the methods.

    1.      Native VC++ module calls CLR Hosting APIs to host CLR, load and call the .NET assembly. (All-In-One Code Framework Sample Code: CppHostCLR)

    2.      If the .NET assembly can be exposed as a COM component, native VC++ module can call into the .NET assembly through .NET – COM interop. (All-In-One Code Framework Sample Code: CppCOMClient)

    3.      Reverse PInvoke: the managed code call native passing a delegate the native code can call back. (All-In-One Code Framework Sample Code: CSPInvokeDll)

    4.      If the module containing native VC++ code is allowed to enable CLR, the native VC++ code can call .NET assembly directly through the “It Just Works”, or “IJW”, mechanism. (All-In-One Code Framework Sample Code: CppCLIWrapLib)


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