i need to use a feature not in msvb. Can I include some opensource .o and .h file written in c?


  • I have open al source files from back in the day. how do I attach them to my vb project so that I am simply ouput to the dac?
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  • Hello Abram,

    You posted this question in a Windows CE forum so I have re-routed your question to the VB forum in hopes that they can answer your question.  Can you please mention what versions of VB you are using? Bothe the "Back in the Day" and current?  What steps did you take to move your project forward?  Any other details you could share that might help other forums posters understand the issue you are having?  Any error messages for example?



    Monday, March 06, 2017 7:52 AM
  • You can't use those files directly from Visual Basic .NET. The header file (.h) would need to be converted to VB, if possible. The .o file is probably useless as it's a C language specific object file for linking. If you had the source file (.c) you might at least have a chance of converting to VB.

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  • I pay always attention to the text and less to the header, although I've seen this, I see now that the answer is easy. 



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  • what if I use the sdk from  is there a way to make that work?
    Friday, March 09, 2018 2:53 AM
  • what if I use the sdk from  is there a way to make that work?
    You will need to do a port from their code to .NET, that's about you only option. And let us not forget licensing. 

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  • You asked: Can I include some opensource .o and .h file written in c? Paul wrote: No. 

    What answer do you expect on this kind of questions? Always Yes, then don't ask them. It is like a child (sorry if you are younger then 12, then I understand this)


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