WPF Application Startup Turns Black waiting and Actual Window Appears


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    I have developed a Complex WPF Application with Header, Footer, LeftMenu and RIght Pane all with User Controls. SOme of the Data is loading dynamically. Everything Works fine as i expected. The only thing killing me is ..... When i Run my WPF App (F5), the window turns black and then the actual window appears. I tried applying SPlash Screen but still it appears.

    I am thinking that, if the black screen is because of Loading , then i would like to show some processing screen or symbol to avoid that fully black window.


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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 1:58 PM


  • I don’t think this would be related to loading the controls, but maybe the data that you are displaying with the controls.  Could this be it, loading a lot of data at startup?  You may want to consider loading all your data on a thread separate from the UI thread. 


    Here are a couple of links that may help.  The BackgroundWorker class and here is a good write up Build More Responsive Apps With The Dispatcher


    Hope this helps.  It may also be helpful to see some code samples of what you are doing at startup.

    Matt Hohn
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