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  • Me again

    I have ran through the article that Michael has done here --->Using The Many-To-Many Control and it is  working fine

    It doesnt take much to confuse this old brain of mine but I want a sub category to show like types of hearing disorders etc..

    at the bottom of Michaels article  it says

    Note:You don’t actually need to set “Category” in the property sheet for the checkbox list.  The control should figure it out automatically – you only need to do that if you have more than two relationships off your many-to-many mapping table.

    I have Client one to many M2M Disabilities one to many disability descriptions

    I tried adding another relationship off the M2M table but it didnt work.

    I also see the bit for creating a configuration grid but not sure by the wording if that is a requirement or was only needed on the initial attempt to get this working.

    So my question is does this control work off relationships or do i have to create a configuration grid which totally defeats the purpose of the relationships ?

    Oh and does anyone have any plans on releasing an idiots



    Wednesday, March 07, 2012 9:29 AM


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