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  • Hello,

    I'm using Visual Studio since 2008 to create ASP.Net application.

    There are numerous bugs with the designer (and others) who have never been solved. These bugs persist from year to year, and I do not understand how Microsoft can sell a product as unreliable after 5 years without making any correction. I want to know how to report the list of the many bugs that I see in Visual Studio that lasts from version to version.

    To give maximum detail and to report the most complete and the most understandable I wish I could make a bug report in my native language (French).

    Is there a link or a phone number I can call to report these bugs?

    Thank you.
    Friday, April 12, 2013 10:42 AM

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  • The place to report bugs in Visual Studio is here:

    However, this facility appears to be English language. I suggest you ask there about providing yur details in French.

    Friday, April 12, 2013 1:01 PM
  • No there not someone "alive" to take care of this? Human contact and not a mere form or comment on the bug becomes difficult ...

    I notice that Visual Studio has dozens of bug never fixed. And it is not small bug, Visual Studio is literally unusable for ASP.Net application development.

    The designer truncates the code does not know properly select tag does not display correctly design. It is slow, reverse code in a paste. The editor removes CSS at times part of the file has other time does not work ...

    This is not a form where we report twenty bugs. And this is not an installation problem, it happens on all my computers no matter the environment and bugs persisted since 2008!

    One really wonders if there is a desire to correct the bugs in Microsoft.

    It really is a shame when seeing the price of this software there is not a competent cell for clients. 5 year bug and always at the same point at Microsoft was still 10 years behind!
    Monday, April 15, 2013 1:56 PM
  • Thanks pvdg42’s help.

    Hi Mayzz,

    Actually the above connect report is used for VS2012 version now, if possible, you could share us the detailed steps to repro this issue in VS2008, you could also try to run it in VS2012 if you have this Environment, so we could make sure that whether it has been resolved in the latest VS version. If it has been resolved, I suggest you use the VS2012, since it has more new features. But if it has the same issue in VS2012, you could submit the connect report as my previous link.

    In addition, since we just support the English language issue, you'd better submit the connect report in this specific language. Thanks for your understanding. 

    Best Regards,

    Jack Zhai [MSFT]
    MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us
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    Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:53 AM
  • Hello,

    My first problem is that I do not speak fluent English. I use a translation that does not make my clear and specific requests. It is therefore difficult for me to fill out a bug report in details.

    My second problem is that Visual Studio is full of bugs. They occur from repeated way since version 2008 to 2012 (current version I use) and have NEVER been corrected. As these bugs occur more or less randomly in the open project it is difficult to reproduce their behavior.

    For example, from time to time, without knowing why Visual Studio split my CSS code. Also, undo / redo does not work properly. In addition, while we are under IE9, VS still uses IE6 webbrowser (or less) for display!

    I think it is not necessary to bug reports, any developer using Visual Studio to develop ASP.Net applications (I mean big projects of dozens of pages) will find that it quickly becomes a nightmare if not impossible.

    And as I have explained it is not an isolated bug or relative problem to a faulty installation. These problems persisted for the 2008 version to 2012 (also 2010) and all environments (XP, Vista, Win7 32/64).

    So it's design problems of Visual Studio that loose control once a project becomes too big for him.

    Microsoft should realize that by itself and issue patches. Users can not relate bugs difficult to reproduce in such a recursive way.
    Wednesday, April 17, 2013 2:42 PM
  • Hi Mayzz,

    Glad to receive your reply.

    Since we just support the English language issue, and this forum is to discuss the Visual Studio WPF/SL Designer, Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit, Developer Documentation and Help System, and Visual Studio Editor.

    For the issue, you could post this issue to where experts live in, and there you would get dedicated support, but if you want describe the issue in French, to repro this issue, you’d better post this issue to the French language support forum.

    For the English language issue, you could submit a connect report, you will get email notification for update.

    Best Regards,

    Jack Zhai [MSFT]
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    Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:59 AM