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  • Summary: We want the TFS 2012 Build Server output to have the same folder arrangement as a local VS 2012 build.


    We start with (for example) a top folder called OurProduct containing a .sln file and sub-folders A, B, C etc. Each of these sub-folders contain a .csproj file and multiple .cs, .asp, .aspx, .xml etc. files. In some cases a sub-folder may have its own sub-folders, A1, A2 etc. again containing .csproj, .cs etc. files

    After doing a build locally in VS2012 the same folder hierarchy is still in place, with the addition of "bin" folders in A, B, C, A1, A2 etc. containing the built DLLs, EXEs etc. We then deploy this folder hierarchy after applying some post build steps (e.g. removing the .cs files)

    Builds done via TFS Build result in a "Binaries" folder that does not have the same sub-folder structure as the original source.

    Is it possible to have TFS 2012 Build Server create output that is similar to the results of a standalone VS2012 build? (i.e. that maintains the original source folder structure)

    Note: I have tried using the MSBuild "/p:GenerateProjectSpecificOutputFolder" but this still does not give the same folder configuration as a standalone VS2012 build does.

    Monday, February 18, 2013 8:52 PM


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