VS2010 Auto List members not working


  • I am using VS2010 Ultimate with VS2008 Professional also installed on the same Windows XP machine. In VS2008 I get Auto List members as shown in the image below but do not with VS2010. Note the bottom of the image shows my settings for VS2010 Auto List Members. I did try setting Hide advance members to False and also noted in one resource below that this is not a deal breaker with this issue.

    Any suggestions that might be worthy trying/looiking into I would greatly appreciated.

    VS2008 example, VS2010 does not show a list of members.

    Resource I checked prior to posting here

    Visual Studio 2010 RC Intellisense does not autolist all the members

    No Intellisense with VS 2010 RC (and how to fix it)

    I have Productivity Power Tools installed.

    I do not have Reharper installed.


    Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3:59 PM


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