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  • This is a somewhat linked question to the drag drop one.
    I am doing detailed design or a wpf screen.
    I want a control to show data which is hierarchical and self joined.
    The data starts life as one datatable joined to itself via a separate table holding child parent keys.
    It can, however. be transformed into a different dataset or xml.

    I am deciding what sort of control to use and what technique to use to present the data for binding.
    The data does not need to collapse like a treeview and has a load of columns of data to show like a datagrid.
    The user will be able to insert and delete parents into this  double click on a parent deletes it, double click in a different control adds the parent.
    They can re-order parents ( and their children ).
    Also, in some of the rows they will be able to change a quantity property.  Some will be fixed quantity.
    To complicate things, the data has variable columns.  The user controls via some configuration what columns are in a unit.  So there is no fixed type. 
    I could use emit to build a type.  I'm not sure whether this is worth the effort though.

    In case you read one of my previous questions you might be thinking I had a solution via xaml2009.
    Turns out you can't use xaml2009 except with loose xaml so that's no go.

    Any thoughts or recomendations appreciated.

    Friday, March 12, 2010 11:21 AM


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