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    Fairly new to VS (and VS2005).  We're debugging 64bit apps on 2003 x64, and having some real issues debugging.

    Trying to debug an .exe/process launched by a service with VS2005 and having a number of problems.  Note, not debugging the service, but a process started by the service...

    1) When I place a __debugbreak() in the code, the JIT debugger appears to bring up the JIT window on the console.  We are remote desktopped into a lab machine - multiple engineers share the machine, so console use is limited.  Is there a way to tell the JIT to redirect to a particular desktop, and not the console?  Or is there a way to grab the JIT window off the console?

    2) If a process has started, and we attach to it (locally), do a break all, the debugger gives a message "thread appears to be deadlocked" (or something like that).  This did not occur w/ VS2003.  Is this a bug in VS2005, that it won't break process?  Or is there a setting that will allow me to break the process?  Or is there a different way I'm suppose to break the process besides 'break all'?

    Thanks for the help.

    Perry Schmidt




    Thursday, March 30, 2006 11:21 PM