Outlook 2007 Addin Customization Warning Message


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    I'm trying to deploy an Outlook 2007 Addin created in Vsiual Studio 2010 SILENTLY. I have packaged an MSI using the VisualStudio Installer > Setup Project on .NET 3.5. I have added registry entries for Outlook as per MS document. I have also added a purchased code signing certificate into the ClickOnce manifest option and signed the MSI using signtool.exe. I have silently installed vstor ok on client machines, and the MSI installs silently. However the next time you go into Outlook you get the security prompt "publisher has been verified, are you sure you want to install the customization?" even though the warning has a green tick. How do i stop this pop up as i want to deploy silently without the end ever having the option to "not install"?

    thanks in advance

    Friday, July 22, 2011 8:48 AM

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