VS2012 TFS2012 Process Template Editor - Open WIT From Server, I can't see changes made by other users


  • I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Power Tools with TFS2012.  This will give me the Process Editor option, and I can select 'Open WIT From Server' to edit the work item types.

    However, another user has made changes to the WIT definitions using Process Editor, and I don't see their changes when I open the WIT from Server. The changes are actually made (I can see them reflected in the Web UI), however they are not reflected when I open the .wit file from the server (conversely, I can make changes that they do not see when they open from the server).

    Why is this happening? I even blew away the folder which had all the .wit files (folder in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Visual Studio 2012\) in the hopes that they would be downloaded again, but I am still unable to download the latest changes (made by others)

    Friday, March 01, 2013 6:20 PM


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