mvc3 installation problems


  • I use windows7 system. install the software is very slowly non, but is very fast when 1 months before. My cpu is i52.53  memory is 2gb. please help me. thanks

    Michael: Thank you for contacting the MSDN Online Concierge, Xiaobao. Please give me a moment while I review your question.

    Michael: Thanks for your inquiry. I will do my best to help you. However, please understand we are not technical specialists. As Online Concierge, I'll try my best to help you locate any relevant documents and articles. If I cannot find anything helpful, I'll offer other support options for you, is this okay?

    小豹: ok, thanks

    Michael: Thanks for your understanding. Please wait a minute, let me check this for you.

    小豹: slowly when I install the soft just

    Michael: May I know which software you have installed?

    小豹: other time is normal

    小豹: i'm install the mvc3. but not this soft only

    小豹: i'm install the mvc3 now

    小豹: my english is poor. wish you understand

    Michael: That is okay, Xiaobao. Thanks for your confirmation. Would you like to right click the desktop toolbar and launch the "Task Manager" to check which process occupy the Memory&CUP mostly?

    小豹: system idle process cup 72

    Michael: By the way, I would like to know when the system runs slowly, does it occur when starting the machine or launching certain application?

    小豹: the system is ok. not slowly. software installer slowly only

    小豹: do you understand i mean?

    Michael: Oh, I see. You mean when you install the application mvc3 the installation process is very slow, am I right?

    小豹: yes, but now mvc3. other software installer is same

    小豹: the mvc3 is microsoft mvc 3

    小豹: but not mvc3. other software installer is same

    Michael: I see. The software is downloaded from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads page, am I right?

    小豹: yes

    Michael: May I know the exact download file name?

    小豹: AspNetMVC3Setup.exe

    Michael: Thanks for the information. Please wait a minute, let me check this for you.

    小豹: size is 21451kb

    小豹: ok

    Michael: May I know if you download the "AspNetMVC3Setup.exe" from the below page?

    Michael: ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate


    小豹: let me check it

    Michael: May I know if there is any error message you received while installing the ASP.NET MVC 3?


    小豹: i use this page

    小豹: and

    小豹: i use the chinese

    小豹: i think this is not the installer's problem

    小豹: just the system config's problem

    Michael: I see. The following page " " provide the web installation for the "ASP.NET MVC 3", the installation speed will depends on your internet network speed. Would you please download the full product from the below page to see if it could work?


    小豹: chinese is full version

    小豹: 20.9MB

    Michael: I just download the "AspNetMVC3Setup.exe" and install it on my side, all works fine and the installation speed is fast. May I know if there is any error message showed up?

    小豹: nothing errors. stop the "installing vs10-kb2483190-x86" just

    小豹: 1 hours ago, it's installing vs10-kb2483190-x86 so

    小豹: wait a minute, to smoking. i'll back soon

    Michael: All right. I am sorry that currently I could not find any useful information related to this issue, for this case, I will recommend you to post the question on our MSDN managed forums to get further professional response. And our support engineer will reply to it in two business day.

    Michael: The entrance to the forum:

    Michael: "Especially post the question on the '.NET Framework Setup" forum"

    Michael: Priority Subscriber Support in MSDN Forums


    Saturday, February 12, 2011 7:04 AM


  • To be honest, this recommendation mystifies me:

    "Michael: "Especially post the question on the '.NET Framework Setup" forum"

    as your issue appears to be about installing MVC3, and not about installation/setup of a .NET Framework (the subject of this forum).

    I would suggest instead, that you start off in the MVC forum, found here:


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