I cant Install Windows Live Messenger Error 1603


  • There is another thread on this subject, but i was unable to reply to the thread. It appeard to be locked and no replies possible.


    There was a detailed solution from Nelson. It did not work. I have a new top of the range Rock extreme SLI. It was clean, i am just setting up the files. There was the basic messenger installed. I keep getting ERROR 1603 this product was not installed. I have installed it on my older pc and my wife, who has a new Rock extreme CTX installed it, with the exact same software installed, with no problems at all! I had loaded a couple of games she did not have, but that is all.


    I have tried to load a lower version, but had difficult finding one. After reading the posts, i will try version 7.5. Otherwise i have tried all these suggestions! There is no spyware running, but i have not downloaded any cookies yet either.


    I have rebooted, run from the desktop and still did not get past the initial install set up.



    Wednesday, August 02, 2006 10:19 AM


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