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  • I am attempting to collect debug and exception data from a proprietary application using the IntelliTrace standalone collector (version: 16.0.28917.181) with the bundled trace collection plan. The issue is that when using the trace collection plan, the application fails to launch; the process is started, but it only lasts for a few seconds before closing, ending the trace session and producing the specified .itrace file. This problem does not happen when using the default collection plan and the application is able to be started without IntelliTrace successfully.

    As additional test cases, I made changes to the bundled trace collection plan file to no avail. Changes made:

    • TraceInstrumentation -> ProcessList -> set isExclusionList to false; added a new <Name> element listing my application's name (format: name.exe)
    • DiagnosticEventInstrumentation -> ProcessList -> set isExclusionList to false; added a new <Name> element listing my application's name
    • Remove all child elements within DiagnosticEventSpecifications

    The command I am using is:

    IntelliTraceSC.exe launch /cp:"C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml" /f:"C:\IntelliTraceLogs\trace.itrace" "C:\Program Files\[SOME PATH].exe".

    The output of IntelliTrace is as follows:

    IntelliTrace Collector for Microsoft Visual Studio. Version 16.0.28916.169
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    c:\IntelliTraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe run /name:c__intellitracelogs_trace.itrac /logfile:C:\IntelliTraceLogs\trace.itrace /buffersize:65536 /buffercount:512 /watch:-1 /help- /nologo+ /collectionplan:C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml /hidden-
    Logger name is 'c__intellitracelogs_trace.itrac'
    Log file path 'C:\IntelliTraceLogs\trace.itrace'
    Using 512 buffers of 65536 bytes each.
    warning VSLG1018: Deleting existing log file.
    Logger started.
    Logger started.
    Starting process '[PROCESS_NAME_REDACTED]'
    Waiting for process to exit
    Process exited with exit code -1073740771.
    Process execution time: 61320 ms
    Logger name is 'c__intellitracelogs_trace.itrac'
    Stopping logger

    Are there any suggestions for getting a trace file mode produced using these settings?

    Friday, June 28, 2019 4:08 PM

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  • Hi James Banda,

    Sorry for delay in reply.

    According to your description, I have a try to run intellitrace with your settings, and it could work normally in my side. The type of my application is windows form and WPF App. Did you run the power shell as administrator?

    If the application is similar with mine, could you share the collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml and application sample using one drive and github? And you could debug new application with the collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml using intellitrace, Or revert the xml file then re-debug your app with intellitrace.

    If the application is a web app or share point app, please check the MSDN DOC: Collect data from a Web app or SharePoint application

    Look forward to your feedback.

    Best Regards,


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