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  • I'm writing a business app that connects to and stores/retrives it's information from SQL server.

    THis is an upgrade / total rewrite of an existing app (which I wrote years ago).

    I've got a pretty good start and havn't been coding my connections and datasets by hand but rather using the "wizard" like functionality in Visual Studio. But I'm finding that there are so many databinding /datatable/datatable managers and sometimes multiple versions of the same ones that it's getting confusing/hard to manage and I think it's also impacting the perfomance of my app during design time.

    1. Is it cleaner / easier to manage if I code all the data connections / datatables / bindings by hand?

    2. Would this improve the performane at design time? i have to wait long periods for the form to redraw if I'm switching from working on a popup form back to the main. If I switch back to the light popup it switches back quickly. Could this be caused by having so many controls on the main form? by so many data objects?My main form  has a tab page and each tab page has many databound controls. Runtime it seems to be ok.

    3. Another question sort of related but more geared towards runtime: As mentioned I have a tab control with about 8 tab pages, each page has several databound controls. The retrievel of data isn't executed until the user clicks on a tab. But would it be more effecient to build controls for each tab page CONTENT (i.e all the controls on the the tab page and there data conections) and have all the data connections handled in seperate contral rather then the main form? just seems like it would ad a level of effeciancy to the program.

    I hope I made myself clear.





    Saturday, November 5, 2011 7:08 PM

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  • Ric,

    Try to read and use "User Controls", that are parts which you create in a seperated Class Library for Controls you have created. 

    Think by that on Panels, which have controls on that which you use always in a certain situation and are tailored to your need.

    Be aware never bind in those usercontrols the data direct to it. The data which will be used should be in another Class Libary project (The datalayer)

    I think the article on this a little bit older page is exactly what describes your needs.


    Sunday, November 6, 2011 9:19 AM