VS2010 msvsmon remote debugger "Unable to start debugging"


  • I try to remote debug a application - but it failed with the VS2010 error message "Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging". The interessting thing is that in one of hundred trys the remote debugging succeeded. That tells me that the base configuration should be okay.

    I also read the relevated similar links on that site - but nothing suits to my problem.

    Can somebody help me ?

    Here the facts:

    • Host System with Visual Studio Prof: Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate German
    • Remote System with Remote Debugger: Windows 7 Prof 32 Bit English
    • Booth computer are in the same WORKGROUP (not domain)
    • Remote debugger is the 32 Bit version
    • The application is compiled for x86.
    • The remotedebugger is started under the user DebugUser
    • The visual studio is started under the same user with the same password (DebugUser).
    • Booth firewalls are completly disabled.

    I made these steps:

    1. If I press F5 at first i see in the remote debugger the message 'REMOTE-PC-NAME\DebugUser connected'. That shows that the visual studio reaches the remote debugger server.
    2. After that in the VS2010 the messages "Unable to start debugging" popped up and the debugging failed.

    The strange thing is as I already told in 1 of 100 cases the debugging succeeded.

    In the event log i see only a error message ID=1530 from 'User Profile Service'.

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