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  • Hello all, I've been using .Net since 2002. I've seen the framework and environments expand functionality for both the good and bad. My comment is this, how many of you think MS is going the wrong direction with Silverlight, Expressions, WPF, etc? Before anyone throttles me let me explain. When I have a customer that requires a business application they could care less if a button spins around on the screen. It's functionality that they want not all the artsy fartsy stuff. So having said that, wouldn't it be nice to see MS add some more business functionality into the .Net framework such as more easily being able to manipulate a video or audio clip like you can an image? What do you all think? Or have I completely fallen off my rocker?
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  • Product development efforts like Silverlight are a natural followup to expand the .NET platform to different runtime environments.  .NET has been stable since the Whidbey project, the past 3 years have seen only minor bug fixes.  The teams that worked on the project have been disbanded.  Having 80,000 employees, Microsoft can afford to work on multiple projects at the same time.  It doesn't in any way drain resources from the platform.

    Do try to look past the silly demos, it is kinda unavoidable for the graphics dudes to discredit themselves without trying.  The MSDN library introductory articles for WPF are similarly unreadable.  Good thing we've got Mr Petzhold and Mr Nathan to bring the balloon back down to planet Earth.
    Hans Passant.
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  • One thing to note is that what WPF and silverlight offer needs a usability engineer to make use of. Fancy UI is not bad, but with someone who understands usability you can get a lot more from the new APIs.

    The problem here is that the amount of knowledge the  UI designer is required to know is increasing. A lot more features are introduced with no samples that shows the power of the new APIs in the field of usability, just some samples that gives you a button with gradients or a button that is skewed with some angle, no increased usability.
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