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  • I have a Windows 2003 (SBS) domain supporting workstations running 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista and Win7. The domain users run Office 2007.

    As a Registered Partner I am working to migrate to Office 2010 and loaded it for trial on one workstation.

    The result has been a configuration disaster and I cannot find any support for these issues - hence the post.

    I initaially had problems loading and using the 64-bit version of Office. I understand some of these issues and decided to roll back to using the 32-bit version for now. I did a complete rebuild on that workstation so it should be a clean Office 2010 32-bit version.

    I have got to the stage now where I can use Office 2010 and I am pleased with teh results - at least I was until I started using Outlook. The first time I ran Outlook 2010, it modified my domain profile to support the new Outlook mail profile. The result is that I can no longer log in to any other workstation and use Outlook 2007. Worse, when I try to do what it directs me to do and create a new (basically what I used to have) profile I cannot reliably do that. I have now got to the stage where I have laboriously created an Outlook 2007 profile on a Win7/32 bit workstation and it works on that workstation (actually it is a VM so I can use it anywhere). However this same profile does not work on all real workstations, suggesting that something else has changed on the domain profile.

    I am at a loss to see what. I am also concerned that upgrading is not backwards compatible and there is no warning given that the process is not reversible. I understand (at least I do now) why the mail profiles have changed under 2010 - however surely it would be a good idea (especially for domain users who will still try to use the older 2007 Outlook from other workstations via their roaming profile) for the upgrade to 2010 to create a COPY of the existing primary profile, call it Outlook 2010 and upgrade the copy.

    Question: How do I untangle the profile mess I am in (which I would like to do before rolling out 2010 further)?

    Suggestion: amend the Outlook 2010 installation process to make a COPY of the mail profile rather than destroying the working one.

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