TFS 2010: Custom workflow activity. Cannot add activity to workflow.


  • I've downloaded Jim Lamb's ActivityPack and built it successfully.  I can see both ReplaceInfile and UpdateVersionInfo activities show up in General tab in ToolBox.  HOWEVER, I cannot drag and drop ReplaceInFile activity into the DefaultTemplate work flow, it just won't allow the activity to be dropped and inserted into the default workflow.


    I notice that if I add the DefaultTemplate workflow into the ActivityPack solution, then the activities can be inserted into the workflow.  However, doing this will cause errors when building a team build against this workflow when I merged the build process template back into TFS to replace the default one.


    What is going on?  It's so frustrating ...


    Cuong Hoang
    Friday, May 28, 2010 3:34 PM


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  • Hi Cuong Hoang,

    If you want to use designer to design the work flow, you need to import the assembly to GAC.

    1 Sign the assembly

    2 Import the assembly to GAC: gacutil /i TeamFoundation.Build.ActivityPack.dll

    3 Add the activities to tool box

    4 drop the activity to work flow.

    5 Import the assembly to Build machine GAC

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    Monday, May 31, 2010 5:47 AM
  • See for some helpful articles. Especially might be useful.
    Ewald - Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help.

    Ewald Hofman
    Monday, May 31, 2010 9:49 PM
  • Hofman - Thanks so much for your tutorials on these topics.  I'm now flying through custom activities for tfs 2010 team build.  Many many thanks.



    Cuong Hoang
    Tuesday, August 03, 2010 9:54 PM
  • I realize that this is an old thread, but I want to make sure that people realize the anwer from Ruiz Yi Chinasoft (currently marked as an accepted answer) is not correct.

    You cannot run the command "gacutil /i TeamFoundation.Build.ActivityPack.dll" as the Assembly isn't strong named.  Instead, you need to jump through some hoops to get the designer to work properly. 

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:10 PM
  • Also, Ewald's Part 7 link has changed slightly.  This bloody forum won't let me post a link, so you just change 2010/05/26 to 2010/05/27 in the link.

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:13 PM
  • Replying to my own message about the answer from Ruiz Yi Chinasoft.

    I missed the fact that the first item in the post from Ruiz Yi Chinasoft was to sign the assembly; I think that I was just focused on the bold text.  When I re-read the message today, it suddenly clicked what I was doing wrong and helped me get through the blocking issue that I was having.

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 11:09 PM