Azure DevOps (Pipelines) pricing and usage - running on deployment groups RRS feed

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  • Hi! Can't find any category for DevOps, Pipelines or anything similar (please fix this, it's horrible that there is no category for such a big product? If I'm just blind, I apologize for that.), so I put it under this category, move if it is wrong.

    I'm using Pipelines in DevOps Services and I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost and what limitations that apply to me.

    I only have 1 release pipeline, it consists of 1 job with 3 tasks, the entire job runs on a Deployment Group that contains a number of physical machines with the "azagent" installed on it (insert link to deployment group docs). All of these machines are on physical machines I own, not VMs on azure. All the pipeline does is fetch artifacts from TeamCity and then run IIS deployments and nuget package installation on the machines.

    Now I've tried to read this: (insert link to parallel jobs docs)  to understand exactly what applies in my scenario but can't really confirm since I can't see my actual usage anywhere. It says that deployment group jobs do not consume parallel jobs.

    Now Pipelines obviously needs to coordinate the deployments by communicating with the agents on the machines, but does this use up any of the resources that have a time limit or cost related to them? Is all this considered to run on "self-hosted"? I'm still unsure since it says my 1 free Microsoft-hosted has used 0/1800 minutes (fair enough) but it also doesn't show any active jobs on my included self-hosted job when I run a deployment. Hence my confusion.

    Does this mean that I can run as many deployment jobs as I wish in parallel, to as many agents as I want in my deployment groups, for free?

    Thursday, April 11, 2019 7:28 AM