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  • I have an excel sheet. It has following columns

    FPS type -
    FPS identifier-
    BUC Type -
    BUC identifier-
    I used above excel sheet to create work items in TFS 2010. Also I have created two queries.
    1. FPS query
    2. BUC query

    FPS query  work item fileds are-  ID, Work item type , Identifier,assign to, title.
    BUC query work item fields are- ID , work item type,identifier,assign to , titile.

    now I need code according below logic to link FPS and BUC work items.

    Read the excel sheet    // we can copy all in to txt file as well instead of excel sheet.
    Read the first row excel sheet;

      end of file = false

    int A= get work item ,

    Where workitem.identifier= excel sheet.FPS identifier; // basically take the value from FPS dentifier coulmnn in the excel sheet

    int B= get  work item
    where work item.identifier= execl sheet.BUCidentifier; // basically take the value from BUC dentifier coulmnn in the excel sheet

    link A & B  // links both work items
    link.comment= Excel.Comments;   // basically take the value from comments coulmnn in the excel sheet;which is use to add comments for links

    Can u please write full coding for this.( Assume I can copy all deials in the excel sheet to txt file ,if you want to get all details from txt fiel)


    I am waiting for your reply mate

    Friday, October 01, 2010 11:24 PM

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