Questions on VS Pro MSDN Pro and Premium Differences


  • Hello,


    My team (about 5 of us) is about to purchase Visual Studio. However, we cannot get a clear understanding of which product to purchase.


    So far we have narrowed it down to these:

    Visual Studio Pro 2005

    Visual Studio Tools for Office

    Visual Studio Team


    My questions are as follows:

    One of our members is in Dallas and we are in New York. Will Team work well across a WAN? Is it worth it? We are not doing lots and lots of code. Just some occasional stuff, and Team is much, much more expensive.


    We have lots of Excel VBA experience (and ASP.NET in C# experience), is VS for Office just to do Office programming? We still do use VBA.


    It looks like the only way to get both VS for Office and VS Professional is to purchase Team. Is that correct? (Or we can just purchase Office and Professional).


    We can get either MSDN Premium or MSDN Pro for VS Pro. What is the difference between them?


    This seemed like the best place to post this. If not, could you please direct me to the best forum and/or website for more information.


    Thank you for the help.




    Monday, July 23, 2007 5:27 PM