vs2008 Cannot read include file xxx.h Not enough space


  • when I build a big solution, about 110 c++ projects, i got 200 errors like:

    fatal error C1084: Cannot read include file: 'c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\include\xxcallpmf': Not enough space Line 4237: 69>m:\main\3rdparty\boost_1_37_0\boost\detail\workaround.hpp : fatal error C1084: Cannot read include file: 'm:\main\3rdparty\boost_1_37_0\boost\detail\workaround.hpp': Not enough space .... .... ......

    and i found that the mspdbserver.exe is crash, what's going on? I Intall a code coverage tool: bulleyes and now i have uninstalled it already.

    Windows 7 + 4G memory + 350G disk space. the TEMP is clear.

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  • Hi R9R9R9,

    Have you run Visual Studio 2008 as Administrator? If not, please try to do it. and please check Fatal error C1084 in MSND website, as this article says:

    • Ensure the specified file exists.

    • Ensure the appropriate permissions are set in order to access the specified file.

    • Ensure the command-line syntax adheres to the rules outlined under Compiler Command-Line Syntax.

    • Ensure sure the environment variables TMP and TEMP are properly set, as well as the appropriate permissions in order to access the directories these environment variables refer to. Also ensure that the drives referenced by the TMP and TEMP environment variables contain an adequate amount of free space.

    • If the message says "bad file number", the specified file may have been closing in the foreground while compiling in the background.

    After performing the above diagnostics, perform a clean build.

    Please try the above steps, and let me know the result.

    Best Regards,

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