HTTP Status 405: Method Not Allowed


  • I have 3 parts in the system:

    1. Web Site - "WebSite"

    2.Web Service - "MyService"

    3. Other Web Service - "OtherService" - this service has a web service method "MyMethod"

    The "WebSite" calls "MyService" using HTTP Post and "MyService" calls "OtherService.MyMethod" using HTTP Post too and returns its response back.

    When i'm using "WebSite", i get : "HTTP Status 405: Method Not Allowed" Error when "MyService" calls "OtherService.MyMethod".

    The funny thing is that when i don't use the "WebSite" but  "Browse" "MyService" and input the same data that the "Website" pass to it and execute it , it works!

    Why does "OtherService.MyMethod" returns an HTTP Error 405 when i use the "WebSite" and works great when i use the "MyService" manually?



    Monday, May 24, 2010 1:06 PM


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