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  • Hello dears,

    I have several questions regarding Delay activity, I hope I'll found my answers here:

    My case as below:

    In my .Net solution I have a web application that reference a class library contains windows workflow foundation with xaml files, in this project I have a class called WorkFlowManager.cs

    In this class I handled everything around workflow methods like run,load,resume ... etc using workFlowApplication object.

    The normal procedure for All my xaml files is Load,resume,persist and finally unload

    Now I have vacation.xaml in a xaml I want to perform escalation by adding Delay activity, I added a pick activity with two branch

    Branch1 contain native activity that create bookmark

    Branch2 delay activity with two days’ time out

    Everything is gone OK when running the workflow and persist but I face some problems regard the Delay mechanism I will summarized this in the following questions:

    1) When I resume any workflow I Loaded it then resume bookmark and finally unload, Now I noticed that Delay activity time out not Fired when I do Unload,

    Is this the best practice to keep WF instance Loaded and stay in memory (Never do unload) for long running time or there is another way to fire Delay time out?

    2) If I forced to keep WF instance Loaded in memory and my host server is restarted or has some crashes, In this case, what happens for the Instances that allocated in memory and how can I return it to the memory after the server restarted?

    3)In our environment we have a load balance web servers and my web application is located on two servers, In this case how can I manage the WF instances if as example vacation.xaml instance is loaded in memory in two servers ?

    I hope to answer my questions in details because your answer will make a major decision.

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  • Hi,

    I am also facing the same problem, if you have found the solution, it would be good if you can update in this thread.

    Wednesday, March 27, 2019 11:15 AM