Make a copy of project (unpublished)


  • I have made a program (details = 9 forms , a lot of user controlled options, save setting) in and I am ready to publish it.
    The problem that I have is that I want to copy the program(while unpublished) that I created and publish one of the two copies made 
    and keep other one(unpublished copy) for reference and modifications.

    I dont want to remake the whole project and save it with a different name

    I tried to copy the project files and rename them but then it produces trillions of errors

    the code more than 2000 lines and to check for errors is a pain

    Any other option?

    Please Help ;(
    I am new to programming...

    Friday, November 08, 2013 3:11 PM


  • Hello,

    There is no reason why you can't traverse to the current project folder in Windows Explorer select copy then paste to another location. Once copied to the new location open it with Visual Studio and change the file names and or project name in the Solution Explorer window. When changing the project name I would suggest changing the namespace property of the project under Project properties application tab where you will see "Assembly name" and "Root namespace" which generally (but not always) are the same name as the project.

    Now if you rename things outside of Visual Studio this indeed can cause errors.

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    Friday, November 08, 2013 3:20 PM