reading Input chararacters/string from keybord


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    I want like to know, how you read input character from the keybord, without actually to see the character on screen! Therefore, instead, I want print an another character on the screen!

    With the function getchar(character) and putchar(character) in standard header file stdio.h you read a character form keybord and if you hit the <enter> key, the output will be displayed on a NEW line! I don't want that! I want it on the same line as the input of the character was read and I want an another character also printed, instead! Of course, the original read character must be saved. 

    There must be an function to "echo off" to read keybord input, so you can print instead something else on the line, while you read input from keybord! I know in VB is it possible, but in VC, I don't know how so quickly!

    desired output from a programme example:

    "Type a character :" -

    character is displayed here with the function putchar('-') but the read character with the function getchar() can be something like 'T';

    How do you do that in C++? Using another functions or methodes  in c++, like the get and put methodes from the class iostream?


    Is the question understandable?

    Can somebody help me to clear up this?


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    Best regards and greetings, M.W.M. Hegeman
    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 10:47 AM