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  • I am testing the use of Gated Check-ins (after reading http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd794776.aspx) and I have noticed that:

    - when a gated check-in succeeds, the related shelveset is deleted as expected (not useful anymore as the changes are checked in). That's ok.

    - but when the gated check-in fails, the related shelveset is kept. I can then "Unshelve Changes" (even if I did use the option "Preserve my changes locally"). In such case, I would expect the shelveset to be deleted. But it's not the case ???!!! Even if I uncheck the option "Preserve shelveset on server". That's not clean :/

    Am I missing something ? If this is correct, our TFS is going to be quickly polluted with thousands of useless shelvesets. What can we do to keep it "clean" ?


    At least, such shelvesets should be deleted when one deletes the build. However, only Details, Drop, Test Results, Label and Symbols are deleted :/

    IMO, unchecking the option "Preserve shelveset on server" during a "Unshelve Changes" should delete the shelveset. I did check twice using Team Foundation Sidekicks: it's not the case. In addition, I didn't find anything on the expected behavior in the MSDN.

    Is there actually a bug ?




    Valéry Letroye
    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 3:32 PM


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