How to get the Value from a ModelItem Property RRS feed

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  • HI :)

    I'm creating an Custom CodeActivity with a Custom Designer. Everything works good so far, but now I got a problem.

    My Property is an InArgument(of String).

    I need to get the Value programmatically from the ModelItem.Property without a binding like:

     <sapv:ExpressionTextBox Name="Expressiontextbox_MyProperty" Expression="{Binding Path=ModelItem.MyProperty, Mode=TwoWay, Converter={StaticResource ArgumentToExpressionConverter}, ConverterParameter=In }" OwnerActivity="{Binding Path=ModelItem}"> / 

    Setting the Value is not a problem and works fine with:

    Dim Text As String = "Test"
    Dim vbArgument As VisualBasicValue(Of String) = New VisualBasicValue(Of String)(Text)
    Dim inArgument As InArgument(Of String) = New InArgument(Of String)(vbArgument)

    But how do I get the Value from this Property?

    Thanks for your help! :)

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