Who has used SQL with C#?



    Hello all,

    I have recently been programming a database type program with C# & SQL. Here is the problem:

    • A Parent Form accesses the database tables using Table Adapters which connect to Stored SQL Proceedures;
    • A Child Form is called to add entries into the database. It connects to the same database using a hard- coded SQL proceedure;


    My Questions:

    • I am not able to create a Table Adapter for Stored SQL Proceedures that "INSERT" into tables, only those that SELECT table rows. Why is this so? Have I missed something?
    • After the Child Form Inserts a new entry into the Database and is closed, the Parent Form's Table Adapters cannot recognise these entries unless the entire program is closed and re-opened.
       - Re-Constructing the Table adapters and Datasets doesn't work;
       - Re-filling the datasets doesn't work;
       - Re-constructing and re-initialising the entgire parent form doesn't work.

    This is causing me tremendous trouble on a project with a very short deadline. Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated.




    Wednesday, August 09, 2006 4:22 AM