Multiple sliders or trackbars


  • How do I link sliders together? Or trackbars.

    I want to have 3 sliders set up so they are linked. So one slide bar can have 1 million and then as I use the other sliders that number will go down as the numbers go up in the other sliders.

    Also, how do I get a slider to show the number above where my slider is? So if the slider is on 1 million it shows the text above my cursor as 1,000,000 and if I move it down the number decreases as I move the slider down.

    Friday, February 09, 2018 6:10 PM

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  • This is the C# forums. We don't handle UI questions here. Please clarify what UI framework you're using so we can either move your post or direct you to the correct one.

    Michael Taylor

    Friday, February 09, 2018 10:48 PM