"project type is not supported by this installation"


  • Just installed VS2010 and trying to do some REST web services.  When I try to create a new project of type "WCF Rest service Application" (which I downloaded from the online template gallery), I get "the project type is not supported by this installation".  Interestingly enough, same error is generated when I try to create a project of type "WCF Service Application" (template which ships with VS 2010).

    Also came across an EXCELLENT tutorial @ "", which has downloadable code.  Guess what, same error.

    I am using VS2010 on Win7 x64.  IIS is not installed on the machine - could that be an issue?  I assumed it would use Cassini while in VS.

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    My apologies if this is not in the correct forum.  I dont think its related to the WCF, but hey, if I was an expert, I wouldnt be asking all of you, right?  :-)

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