I need help making client and server applications talk.


  • I have a socket programming example in my book but all it does is send strings between client and server. You could send other objects but that is still way too sloppy.

    So my problem is I have one server and a bunch of clients. I thought I could use remoting but it only seems to let me send out a broadcast message back to clients. So if I have 10,000 clients and want to respond to only one of them then I still have to send it to all 10,000. So remoting gives me the ease of having client and server communicate through calling methods and subscribing to events. But socket programming offers the ability to respond to one specific client even though I currently only know how to send Byte[]'s with socket programming.

    So with that information can someone please provide me with some guidance on what I need to learn about to accomplish my goal of:

    1. able to call methods on server from client and get whatever is returned from those methods
    2. able to catch events on the client that are thrown by the server
    3. able to have a handle on each individual client (in remoting by somehow getting a reference to the object that is created on the server by the client. or in socket programming by an array of TcpClient objects).

    Friday, October 16, 2009 8:21 PM