A script on this page causes Internet Explorer to run slowly...


  • I have an application with a RadEditor. When I paste bulleted text which is quite long in the editor, an option to clean the text appears. When I choose to clean the text then save the data and perform another operation(ie. print), a message pops up stating that a script on the page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly and gives me an option to stop execution of the script. I've tried to trace where the issue is coming from but could not pinpoint its source. This only happens when a bulleted text is cleaned. I don't encounter this issue with other records where the value entered in the editor is much longer.

    I compared the html format of the cleaned up text which is causing this error with that of the same text when it's not cleaned. I noticed that in the uncleaned text, the bulleted texts are placed in separate sets of <p> and <span> elements while the bulleted texts are inside one set of <p> and <span> elements as demonstrated below:

    Cleaned up text:

    <p><span> {bulleted text inside a set of <p> and <span> elements} </p></span>

    Not cleaned up text:

    <p><span> bulleted text </p></span>

    <p><span> bulleted text </p></span>

    Does this have any relevance? I hope someone can help me with this problem.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010 4:08 AM