Getting started with multiple processor C++ programing


  • After many years developing VC++ aplications for my own business I am trying to come to grips with multi-thread development using C++ and VS 2010 beta 2. I am finding that much of the syntax is either actually new, or just new to me (in that I have had no reason to use it before). Also, I feel in need of a "Getting started with multi-thread programming in C++" document, or such like.

    I remember when I was first starting to use MFC I found the on-line documentation contained an excellent introduction to the Document/View architecture, which quickly got me up and running. Can anyone direct me to a similar resource for parallel programming (a much wider scope, I realise), either buried in the current MSDN documentation, or as a Microsoft or third party publication?

    The documentation of individual classes in MSDN is fine; it's just that I find it difficult to work out how it all hangs together.

    I am running VS on a dual quad core machine (so 8 threads). I can work through sample code OK, but nevertheless feel I could speed up the learning process by finding a suitable "Getting started" document.

    Thanks in advance
    Monday, December 21, 2009 7:07 AM

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