visual basic excel programming first attempt at a program need help


  • hi 

    I'm trying to create my first visual basic program in excel I'm trying to create a timesheet that will replicate it's self each year so I don't have to make the changes myself 

    anyway this is my code below it's not running for some reason 

    this is in the workbook  

    Private Sub OnTime1()

    'set timesheet to activate code in main

    'calls replication produre 
    'date numbers to replicate on

    Application.OnTime 39904, DateValue, 73141

    Dim x As Integer
    x = 365

    '365 days in a year

    Dim startdateto As Integer

    For startdateto = 39904 To 73141
    startdateto 39904 + x

    'trying to add 365 days till next run date
    Call main

    Do Until startdateto >= 73141
    If startdateto >= 73141 Then Exit Do

    End Sub

    and the rest is in a module 

    Sub main()

    'where all the code is called from
    End Sub

    Sub create_directory()

    'make place for new timesheet
    'created by james payne

    Dim startdate As Integer

    For startdate = 2009 To 2100
    startdate 2009 + 1


    ChDir "G"

    ChDir ("timesheet startdate")
        startdate = Range("start_variable").Value
        enddate = Range("end_varibale").Value
        Range("variable_part").Value = startdate
        For datebegin = startdate To enddate
        Range("variable_part").Value = Range("variable_part").Value + 1


    End Sub

    Sub save()
    'save master copy so the year_changes_to_timesheet are saved before preforming the next yearly_changes_to_timesheet sub
    'created by james payne

    End Sub

    Sub yearly_changes_to_timesheet()

    'place to do changes to work sheet it's self
    'created by james payne

    Dim dayyears As Integer
    dayyears = 365

    Dim startdateto As Integer
    startdateto1 = 39904

    For startdateto = 39904 To 73141
    startdateto1 39904 + dayyears

    Cells(8, 1) = =TEXT(startdateto,"DD/MMMM/YYYY")

    Sub save_as()
    'new worksheet producted from master copy (which is updated each year)
    'created by james payne

    Dim start_workbook_names As Integer

     For start_workbook_names = 2009 To 2100
     start_workbook_names 2009 + 1
            ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=timesheetstart_workbook_names.xls
            "C:\Documents and Settings\Games\Desktop\james documents\excel programming\timesheet start_workbook_names.xls" _
            , FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
            ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False
    End Sub

    any help would be much Apprehended
    Sunday, February 08, 2009 6:44 PM