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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to write a really simple router to understand how SOAP intermediaries work and also to play with reliable messaging, but I'm having a few problems. I've tried the Router sample and it works well, but there's a little too much going on for a newbie like me :)

    I want something that just receives a message and forwards it to another endpoint. When I've tried to do this, I can receive a Message instance OK (using Action="*"), but when I forward it I run into problems if I'm using wsHttpBinding (I think the security is failing somehow).

    What I'm really trying to create is something like Shy Cohen's unreliable router in his PDC talk... this drops packets randomly, but otherwise (I think) forwards them to another host. I don't think this code is available online though, does anyone know if there are similar samples?

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006 3:27 PM