Advise on a payement application


  • Hello,

    I need to build a wpf application which is capable to manage payement transaction from a desktop.
    The idea is to have from a Win 7 touch PC a set of article expose in list, then the user select from that list what he wants and at the end validate his order.
    From that point I need to build an innovated way of paying the article in an easy way to save time.

    In case of card reader, I need to communicate from my application to the card reader. Which means that the code will be type in from my application and send to the card reader card, then I enter the amoount and it should go in a similar way. at that time all order request goes to an agregated secure provideer gateway to transfer the request to the bank. In return, we can receive the transaction number directly on mobile phone

    Anyone has approach such solution as well as the visa card reader type capable to communicate with through code ?

    Does Anyone have an other innovative idea how to handle this payelent process in a fast way ?

    Thnaks for help and advise

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    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:02 PM