How to access the sam file using C


  • I want to write a program that can reset the windows user account attributes by ressting the sam file.

    that is i want read the SAM file using the C program structure and reset the Aaccount lockoput,Password never expires, fields.

    So please send me the synatx or statment required for this.

    Thursday, June 30, 2011 5:36 AM


  • Interesting what you could do with these two settings. If you could set the password never expires attribute then you can guarantee that the password doesn't change. If you could also modify the lockout status of the account, you could try to login a few times, if the passwords are all bad the account would lock out, but you could reset it and try a few more, instant password brute force application.

    Unfortunately for you, Windows provides official ways of getting back lost passwords (including using an administrator to reset a user account's password). If you somehow managed to forget the Administrator's logon details, then any other Administrator account on that system will be able to reset the password, if that is the only Administrator, then you deserve the pain of repairing the install to be able to reset the account password. Also with wanting to access the SAM file directly this means that you could possibly bypass any SACLs.

    So unless you can give some really really good reasons why this isn't an attempt to bypass security, then I know I am not going to help.

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