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    Im trying to show a tasklist within a folderhomepage. The tasks are from a public folder. The problem is, that accessing the attributes of a TaskItem is horrible slow. But only in the default AppDomain, where the Control of the folderhomepage exists. The same code within the Addin AppDomain is much more faster.
    This is the codesample (ok, its a contact item, but its the same with tasks.):

    foreach (MSOutlook.ContactItem ci in results)
       string name = ci.FullName; // this single line takes 180 milliseconds!!!!!
        User u = new User(name, Tools.GetEmail(ci));


    Accessing the FullName attribute takes 180 ms from within the default AppDomain and less than 1 ms from within the Addin AppDomain.

    Does anyone have an idea why the performance of these two appdomains is so different?

    In the Addin AppDomain im getting the reference to the Application object from the Startup method. In the Default Domain im getting the reference via jscript:

    oApp = window.external.OutlookApplication

    (This is from the Outlook Utility class from a MS sample.)

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    Monday, August 14, 2006 7:45 AM