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  • Hi,

    I need to do the following task in C#.Net. Can anyone tell me which is the best method to follow? Is there any in build features available in .net? Or do we need to use some external libraries.

    * Import grid view data to pdf and save it in local disc (create pdf file in runtime)

    * Read content from pdf file and convert it into grid view


    Thanks in advance!


    Sakthivel. S


    Thursday, June 24, 2010 8:29 AM


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  • This external library enables you to create PDF from C# very easily. Just create create document model table populated with data from grid view and export it to PDF.

    Here is a C# code:

    // Create a new empty document.
    DocumentModel document = new DocumentModel();
    var table = new Table(document);
    // Call method that creates rows and cells with data from GridView and adds them to Table.
    PopulateTable(gridView, table);
    // Add document content.
    	new Section(document,
    // Save the document to a PDF file.

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 7:54 AM
  • You can use pdfsharp library for generating pdf file from c# applications check this one ..  Create PDF file from C# is explain the simple step by step methods to generate pdf file from c#.


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  • Creating PDF file in runtime can be done with this tool I paste code snippet to create a PDF document (the code is copied from:

    using System;
    using System.Drawing;
    using ComponentPro.Pdf;
    using ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics;
    using ComponentPro.Pdf.Tables;
    static string[][] datastring = new string[2][];
    static void Main()
        // Create a new PDF document. This object represents the PDF document.
        // This document has one page, by default. Additional pages have to be added.
        PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument();
        // Add a page to the document 
        PdfPage page = doc.Pages.Add();
        // Specify values for the table
        datastring[0] = new string[] {"111", "Maxim", "100"};
        datastring[1] = new string[] {"222", "Calvin", "95"};
        // Creates a new document
        PdfSimpleTable table = new PdfSimpleTable();
        table.DataSource = datastring;
        table.BeforeRowLayout += new BeforeRowLayoutEventHandler(table_BeforeRowLayout);
        table.BeforeCellLayout += new BeforeCellLayoutEventHandler(table_BeforeCellLayout);
        // Draw the table 
        table.Draw(page, new PointF(0, 0));
        // Save the PDF document to disk.
        doc.Save(@"c:\temp\customize table.pdf");
        // Use the following code to stream the document to the browser. 
        // pdfDoc.Save("customize table.pdf", Response, HttpResponseType.OpenInsideBrowser); // Response is an HttpResponse object.
        // Close the document.
    static void table_BeforeCellLayout(object sender, BeforeCellLayoutEventArgs args)
        if (args.CellIndex == 0 && (args.RowIndex % 2) == 1)
            // Draw ellipses inside cells
            args.Graphics.DrawEllipse(PdfBrushes.Green, args.Bounds);
    static void table_BeforeRowLayout(object sender, BeforeRowLayoutEventArgs args)
        if ((args.RowIndex % 2) == 0)
            args.IgnoreColumnFormat = true;

    Saturday, May 03, 2014 5:07 PM
  • Most solutions create PDF documents from scratch (eg with using iTextSharp or something similar). You may also want to use a solution that starts out with a predefined template and simply merges your data with it into a new PDF document.

    There are PDF generators that use HTML as templates or Word-documents (eg: I prefer those, since they provide a nice and clean way of separating the document/report markup from your code.

    Friday, February 10, 2017 12:39 PM