Transactions in services with request reply pattern in a pick branch


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    How can I enclose activities in a transaction within a body of a pick-branch (i.e. Action of PickBranch activity), where the Trigger of pick-branch receives a message via Receive activity and the Action of pick-branch sends reply via SendReply activity? Transaction scope must be placed within the Action of PickBranch, right before SendReply.

    I cannot use TransactionScope between Receive and SendReply (see here for explanation: )

    On the other hand, TransactedReceiveScope activity does not seem to fit to the pick-branch pattern.

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    Greg Jasinski

    Wednesday, December 01, 2010 8:30 AM


  • If you put 2 TRS activities in parallel, and configured the parallel to complete and cancel outstanding branches when one branch completes (by setting its completion condition to true), then this would give similar behavior to a pick branch with 2 branches (or you could just put a TRS in some of the branches depending on what the trigger was in the branches. Would that work for you?

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