Moving VS2003 projects to new machine


  • Hi,


    I'm moving to a new machine and will need to move a number of VS2003 projects. I'm looking for some advice and pointers on the best strategy to perform that move. I've tried a few things like just copying them to the new directories, but then I get all sorts of errors when trying to open them. One error complained that I didn't have Framework 1.1 installed, though it allows me to create brand new projects in VS2003 on the new machine! The new machine has both 2003 and 2005 on it; I don't know if one is interfering with the other...


    On the old machine, all my projects are in wwwroot. In some cases, the sln file is in MyDocuments\Visual Studio Projects, and in other cases the sln file is in the same folder with the rest of the project in wwwroot.


    I'm also open to ideas of other ways to organize the projects on the new computer if wwwroot is not the best place. I will be slowly converting the VS2003 projects to VS2005, so this may be an oportunity to rearrange things to make that transition easier?


    Thank you.

    Friday, August 03, 2007 4:32 PM

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  • If you have an MSDN subscription...install Visual Source Safe and load all your projects into it.  Then on the new machine go into VS.NET (version matches project mind you) and let rebuild them from source safe.  This is how I do it all the time and it is rather foolproof at making sure everthing gets done right and stuff is safe on another machine that you can back up daily (mine gets backed up to tape!)


    I prefer the web application way of building projects ( 2003 style) even in 2005 so that I can use IIS verses the built in web server.  You can download that feature for 2005 - and I highly recommend it - especially if converting 2003 projects into 2005 as they'll convert very easily.


    Anyways I use the following structure:


    c:\projects\dotnet - for all my .net work.  That way when VS.NET builds a new project it builds it in the dotnet folder.  I then have create the virtual directory to there instead of inetpub (for 2003 and 2005).  I also exclude this folder structure from my antivirus scanner.


    c:\blocks\ {subfolders} I'll put common stuff like data access blocks, custome controls, etc that I don't want in the GAC - this makes it easy to find controls and dlls that I share amongst my projects.


    Hope this helps

    Monday, August 13, 2007 7:33 PM